Hay una clase llamada AP – Short Fiction

A Tammy, gracias por usar este blog para compartir y discutir con su clase.

A los alumnos de Tammy, bienvenidos. Aquí están las instrucciones que Tammy les dejó para participar. No olviden que deben dejar un comentario para contestar las preguntas que ella les sugiere.

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During the break we read three short stories to get immersed in the experience of enjoying short pieces of fiction. After our Reader’s Response sessions in the library in which we shared our stories and practiced analyzing the six elements of fiction we discussed in class (plot, character, setting, point of view, style, and theme), I’d like you to share your responses as readers of one of the short stories you read by publishing your responses in the library’s blog. Please write a paragraph in which you include the following information:

1. What is the title of the story?
2. Who wrote the story? When?
3. What type of story is it?
4. What is the theme of the story?
5. How does the author develop the plot? (linear sequence, flashbacks, foreshadowing)
6. Who are the characters and how are they developed?
7. What is the point of view?
8. What is your response and recommendation? Who would enjoy reading this type of story?


8 comentarios en “Hay una clase llamada AP – Short Fiction

  1. The Youngest Doll is a story written in 1976 by Rosario Ferré who was born in Puerto Rico. This story is feminist story which theme is the women concern ofbeen men manipulation. It is a story which has linear events. There is cause-effect. There are four characters. There is a grandmother, her niece, a doctor and the doctor´s son. The grandmother and her niece, both are manipulated by the two men. The grandmother is told that she is sick, but she isnt. The women pays every visit to the doctor who is lying and taking advantage of the old women. The doctor´s son marries the niece. The niece has many dolls that she recieve every birthday from her grandmother. The husband takes the dolls and sells the diamonds that are used as bottons. The dolls represent the inocent women that are being used. The two men are the representation of many men that use their wifes to take own adventage. The P.O.V is a third person. The narrator explains everything. I recomend this story to all women of all ages that mabey are not consciouss of this problem and dont have it very present. I got very impressed because in the story men are very cruel and it shouldnt be that way. It could be for those who already experience it and those who haven´t done yet.

  2. During Christmas vacations, I read three short stories from Edgar Allan Poe. Few years ago I read one story from the same author, and since then I got hooked with the author. The black cat, the murder of the rue Morgue and Eleonora, where the stories I read in vacations and The Black Cat was the one I most liked. The book was first published in 1843 in the newspaper Saturday Evening Post of Filadelfia. This book is the most horrifying story of the other four that I had read; it also includes psychology so I consider the book a psychological terrifying story. The theme of the book is how alcohol and madness can make a person to do un-moral actions and after a high point of alcohol can turn madness into a murderer with no compassion. In the book, Poe develops the plot in a linear sequence, writing from the first person of the main character. He is developed in the story in first place as a very successful person, who loves the dogs and cats and expresses his admire for dog’s and cat’s fidelity to friendship and then with the past of time and the increasing drinking, how his madness takes over him. Personally y enjoyed a lot the book because the linear sequence telling even though I has very disturbed of the details of the murderess, but the book has this thing that makes the readers do not stop reading, So definitely I recommend this book and specially to those who like morbid story’s and psychological ones.

  3. During the vacations i read the book written by Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat. This horror story was written in 1843 during the time when the writers were focused in the originality, and the imagination. The author does an interesting thing for the plot of this story. What he does is, to use first a big flashback, which lasts all the play, and then use linear events to describe all what had happen in the character´s life. The story´s theme is the change of people´s personality when drinking and the believe of the, now a days, popular, “karma”. This is because the protagonist starts saying that he is in jail, and he wants to tell all the story of the cause by which he is in that place. This story takes place in the house of the man, who never gives his name. In this house lives the man, his wife and a black cat. One day the man hangs the black cat and kills him. Days later, his house is burn in fire and he loses everything except for his wife. They move to other house in a poor neighborhood. Here he starts fighting with his wife, and suddenly kills her and bury her in the wall of the house. Finally, the police go to the house and, notice that the wife is in the wall, due to the cat´s meowing, and arrest the man. Poe writes the story in a first person point of view because the principal character is telling his story, from his perspective. I would recommend this story because I like a lot horror stories and I think that this is one of the bests. Also the unexpected turn of events, make the story very interesting, and doesn’t let the reader leave the book.

  4. The Fall of the House Of Usher, written by Edgar Allan Poe and published in 1839, is yet another one of his great gothic short story. The theme of the story revolves around the influence that the environment can have on an individual and its power over him. It is also about how prejudices and misconceptions can affect the human mind and manifest themselves physically. The mood of the story is that of mystery, and uncertainty, it is also that off sadness and even fear, all of which are perfect fits for a gothic story. The plot is basically developed as a linear sequence with the exception of a short flashback that explains the relationship between the narrator and Roderick Usher. The strange family tree of the Ushers, consisting basically of a stem, as only one member survives each generation, can be seen as foreshadowing, suggesting the reader either of the twin brothers would die in the story. There are three main characters in the story, the Usher twins, Roderick and Madeline, and the narrator, whose name is never reveal to the reader. Both twins suffer from weird mental illness, and are very close to each other. Since they don’t leave the house, they are each other only company for much of the time other than their servants, and doctors. Madeline´s apparent death strikes him really hard. Roderick´s behavior is describing more than that of Madeline, who is only mention a couple of times. The twin brother enjoys playing string instruments and paintings. The narrator also read books to Roderick to calm him down. Usually he is very nervous, and his looks are those of an old man, when he isn’t that old. His hair is going white, he is thin and pale. His illness causes him to behave oddly and often he is seen depressed. Of the sister not much is reveal other than her (obviously) similar traits with his brother and her illness that causes her to appear to be death for a few moments. Not much is revealed about the narrator, either. The only thing the reader knows is that he comes to the house in order to accompany his old friend Roderick in his illness, and that he feels uneasy about the house and the whole situation. His feelings are only worsen as the story progresses. The story is narrated in a first person point of view in which the narrator is very descriptive of the situation and adds his own ideas and feelings about what´s happening. I enjoyed reading the short-story, because I had never read anything quite the same before, and because of the way Poe uses the setting and the characters to create a mysterious environment that sets the perfect scenario for the story to unravel. I think most people would like it (I don’t see why not), the only “obstacles” might be that it is not the most simple story to read because of the language and sometimes sentence structure Poe uses. It is not that challenging nonetheless, and I’m sure that if you go ahead and read it you too will enjoy it.

  5. The title of the story that I read was The Eclipse by James Fenimore Cooper. It was published in 1839, shortly after the event of the eclipse had happened. This story apart from being a autobiographical event, is mainly descriptive. Because the story narrates a natural phenomenon, the facts need to be extremely descriptive. The theme of the story was the beauty of a natural phenomenon such as an eclipse. The author develops the plot in a sort of flashback, since it is a memory. He starts by saying that the event they asked him to describe happened in the summer of 1809. From then onward the author develops the plot in a linear sequence, where the high point and emotional climax of the story is the eclipse of the sun. The main character, the most important one of the whole story is the first person narrator, the same author that describes and changes as the landscape with the appearance of the eclipse. The point of view is first person and thus it is very emotional and descriptive. The main character describes not only what is physically happening all around him with the change of light, but how he has grown up in that very same village where the phenomenon occurs. I really liked this story, mainly because of its extreme description of the occurred events. I had never really thought of how and what will happen when an eclipse takes place and this story made me realize how special and truly beautiful such a phenomenon can be. I will recommend this story who anyone that enjoys watching sunsets.

  6. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a series of short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1892. Sherlock Holmes is a detective-based series of stories. His author, Arthru Conan doyle was born in Scotland in the year 1859. To write Sherlock holmes Conan doyle uses a sequence of events very explicit but lacking a few details that in the end he reveals to the reader in order for one to understand how Sherlock Holmes made it possible to understand and interpret all the sequence of events to find a reasonable answer to the problem he is facing. Sherlock holmes seems to be a very consistent character because his attitude remaisn very similar through all circumstances and events. sherlock is very very smart and he really enjoys having to solve this kind of crimes because it represent a new challenge. after all stories sherlock holmes learns something nw and he explicitly tells the reader what he learned and how he made it possible to unfold the case. Conan doyle never uses flashbacks nor does he use foreshadowing but rather writes the events very objectively for the reader to try and answer the crime until Shrlock tells him how the things happened. the story is written from the perspective of watson, sherlock Holmes main assistant who deeply admires him and makes company in all the situations. The theme of the story is crime. I do recomend this story for people in highschool because it represents a challenge to their thoughts.

  7. For vacation reading I read The Sohinx by Edgar Allan poe. This short story was first published in 1846 in a magazine in the city of New York. This really short story talksa about two men that scape from the Cholera epidemy into a retirementt house near the riverside. For me the theme of the story is how a person that fears death, and who is relatively near to it (Cholera epidemic) exagerates things that can cause him harm. The author developes the plot trough a linear sequence, one man thinks he ´ve seen a terrible beast tin the mountains through the window, but after he tells this to his relative, the other man discovers that it was just a little insect that was standing on the window. It is a really short story, with an organized plot sequence. The point of wiew that Poe uses in this story is a first person POV, the narrator is the one that sees the beast, the one that gets terrified. This is important to understand his fear and create a misterious mood over the story. I really recomend this story because although it has a misterious mood through the development of the plot, at the end is kind of funny how it is resolved. I will really like to read this types of stories.

  8. The Monkeys Paw is a short story written by W. W. Jacobs published in England in 1902. The story is set in a house far way from the city. The story starts when a Sergeant (Major Morris) who came from India brings a monkey paw that is supposed to be magical to the White’s house. According to the Sergeant it is magical and it grants 3 wishes, but all of them with a price. “He wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow.” The White family isn’t in a very good economical position. They at first didn’t believe in its magic, so they made a wish to get money.at the other day they got the money they wanted to get, but with the price of their son. The money came in as a compensation for the death of their son in the company by the machinery. Then they wish to get their son back, but they don’t. The theme of this story could be destiny vs. magic because the Whites fought against destiny with by using the Monkeys Paw and got an unexpected destiny. The plot is done in a linear way. The events introduce the characters and show how bad the father and mother feel for their son and the destiny he had to face for their wish. The story is written in third person with lots of dialogue that helps the reader understand the characters. Finally I think this is a very good story because it shows that everything you do to interfere with destiny come with a price that no one could ever imagine such as the death of a son.


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